Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A flurry of words you may or may not have heard before :)

Abracadabrant: Marvelous or stunning; from "abracadabra," a magic word used as a spell in the United States.
Aflunters: In a state of disorder; "her hair was all aflunters."
Antipodes: People who live on the other side of the earth to us.
Belly-pinched: Starved or hungry.
Blutterbunged: Confounded, overcome by surprise.
Cockerate: To brag.
Cow-handed: Awkward .
Deosculation: The act of kissing.
Dog's soup: Rain water.
Fabulosity: The quality of being fabulous.
Flamfoo: A gaudily dressed female, one whose chief pleasure consists of dress.
Flurch: A multitude, a great many: spoken of things not persons, as a flurch of strawberries.
Gloppened: Surprised.
Haggersnash: A spiteful person.
Heart's attorney: The tongue .
Mawmsey: Sleepy; stupid as from want of rest or over-drinking.
Milklivered: Cowardly, faint-hearted.
Mouse-web: A cobweb; phlegm in the throat.
Ninny-broth: Popular name for coffee.
Ostentiferous: That which brings monsters or strange sights.
Pogonophobia: A fear of beards.
Quidnunc: An inquisitive person, always seeking for news.
Quother: To talk in a low and confidential tone.
Rumbustical: To make a clatter or disturbance.
Sandillions: Numbers like the sand on the seashore.
Shazzying: Dancing.
Shivviness: The feeling of roughness caused by a new undergarment.
Slotter: To make a noise with the palate while eating; to feed like an animal.
Snirtle: To attempt to suppress one's laughter; a short, suppressed laugh.
Swazz: To swagger.
Tazzled: Entangled; a rough, untidy head of hair.
Thrunched: Very angry, displeased.
Trinkle: To eavesdrop.
Verter-water: Water found in the hollows of tombstones and rocks, a charm for warts.
Woonkers: Interjection expressive of wonderment or surprise.

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