Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy birthday!

Whose birthday is it, do you ask?

Not mine.

(And I think it's hilarious that his birthday is on groundhog day...)

No guesses?


It's Moon's!

Who's Moon? No, not the one that is orbiting our planet, or the one everyone thinks there's a man in.

Moon is my 17 year old male main character.
He was born in Flame, and was raised essentially without parents.
He loves horses and water more than anything or anyone (Except someone) and he wants to be a rancher when, or if, he ever escapes the Visionaries.
He met Juli (Female MC, MC in general) when he was sixteen, and left with her when the first part of the Invasion began. He was eighteen.
He doesn't like to clean things very much, and his room is one of the most disorganized and messy rooms you'll ever see. But he likes it that way, and if anyone touches it he'll freak out.
The worst place he has ever been, or his definition of hell, is a desert. Sand, heat, no moisture in the air. But the best place he's been isn't the ocean. It's in the middle of a lake (and I mean middle. Like, halfway under the water, right in the center, nothing but water around him).
He had a mother and a sister, but never knew his father. He doesn't really mind, since Vorqum is quite the authority figure to him. His mother committed suicide after a bout of schizophrenia, and took his sister down with her. He doesn't like to talk about it.
He likes to keep to himself, unless he's with Juli and Gyrt (sounds like dirt), and then they can't get him to shut up once he starts talking.
Moon has Visionary strengths, and he has special ones' too. Like opening portals and seeing into the future on occasion. And one that he never remembered getting; manipulating water.

So, happy birthday Moon! (Let's just say he's seventeen.)


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