Friday, February 24, 2012

Writing Conference Season

Or baseball season, we like to call it in my house.

Welcome to Writing Conference Season! This is the time of year when I notice that A LOT of writers conferences are popping up all over the place, mostly for teens.

Ones that I am attending this year are

Teen Author Boot Camp, or TABC, is hosted by Writers Cubed. The keynote speaker this year is Brandon Mull, author of Fablehaven, and it has authors like Elana Johnson, J. Scott Savage, Tyler Whitesides, and others. My goal is to have a real conversation with Elana J. She's awesome, and I just want to actually speak to an author without sinking into the background to let someone else do it. March 10th

Then there's the Teen Writers Conference, one that I've attended for the past three years. Posts are throughout. I LOVE THIS CONFERENCE! Somewhere in June.

And I'm sure there will be others, but these are the two that I am planning for sure on attending.

I mention these because I just sent in my entry for the TABC, and I am super SUPER NERVOUS about it. It's the first chapter of your book, and I really REAAALLLY want it to do well. Like it's making me sweat, and it's still so far away.

Anywho, I have it posted up in the pages *Contest Entry* if you would like to read it. I've gone over it like thirty times, and I really want it to be good. So comment in this post how you thought it was, or if you liked it, just so that you can calm my nerves a little. Or be honest, or whatever.


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