Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Lazy Blogger

Hello again 



It sincerely has been too long. Can we pretend things never happened between us? Can we forget that I started feeling negative about blogging? Can I make this a safe place again?

I hope I can. I'll start where I left off.

So, the last post was about the writers conference back in march, I see. I made it seem like a bad experience. It really wasn't (I almost used sincerely again). I had a fun time, and the memories I have are positive ones.

I went to the Teen Writers Conference back in June. The Keynote speaker was Elana Johnson, who was at the teen author bootcamp conference thingie. She was wonderful, and she helped me see her point of view as a writer. I learned more about myself, and I had a blast. And I had a great entry, great characterization everyone said. Very proud of it.

Another highlight was my friend Amanda, who blogs at Amanda's Writings and lives a bajillion miles away, visited Utah and was able to go to the conference! And it was her first one, so extra happy that she  came. We had a blast, and we both learned tons.

A second thing that happened is I finished editing Infinite Cold. The old idea that just keeps coming back? Yeah, I finished editing just in time to get ten copies of it in an offer from Createspace by finishing NaNoWriMo. While it is not a finished manuscript yet, I got the first round of edits done. That is quite an accomplishment for me. I've written three full books, but I've only ever finished editing on one officially now. I've posted all about it on my facebook, but here it is again because I love it.


I designed the cover and did the back text at about two in the morning, so I'm actually surprised that it has correct grammar and everything. As you can tell in the one of me and my book, I am absolutely thrilled. I signed the title page, I broke it in, I carry my copy with me everywhere I go. I love it. I can't wait until it's a real book.

Until then, I'll be trying to work out making the second book awesome (I really don't want second-book-syndrome. But who knows.) and editing Infinite Cold until I think it is as perfect as I know it can be.

So thank you for forgiving my lazy blogging, but it hasn't been in vain! 



  1. This is SO exciting, Elise! Seriously, you are official. Congratulations. This is a great comeback blog post ;)

  2. I'm still super excited about the writers conference! It was great to actually see you again :)

    Congrats on your book!!!


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